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Onboarded is the fairest way to hire for your company. Giving back power to applicants while still giving you 100% control over the canidates you hire. Are you ready to become a more transparent & inclusive company today?

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Complete Fairness, Full Control

Don't worry, we are not about to take away your control away! With Onboarded you still decide who to hire and who not, Onboarded is all about privacy, fairness and inclusion though. This is why we have implemented an initial screening of your candidates that only includes their most important information like experience, education and motivation.

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Why Onboarded?

Hiring through Onboarded is completely worth it, especially during the ever-growing hunt for talent!

Shine like a star

An inclusive hiring strategy is a unique edge that makes your company stand out of the crowd.

Grow your company's culture

A more inclusive workforce drives innovation, growth and performance.

A better place for all

All of us are responsible to make the world a better, fairer and more inclusive place for all.

Optimized for the web

Getting the word out there that your company is hiring can be a difficult task. Onboarded has got you covered! Through our built-in tools and optimisations we make sure that your most inclusive positions are ranked highly on search engines like Google and Bing. No need to configure anything, we take care of it!

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Attract top-tier talent without breaking the bank

Every company should have the ability to attract top-notch talent. This is why we don't hide our amazing Onboarded community behind an absurd paywall. Build your entire diverse team through Onboarded, we aren't going to stop you!

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